Stocking a Writing Desk Drawer

   Nothing beats a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate….just an investment of a little time and heart to let someone know they are special and worth a bit of your time to encourage them, congratulate them, thank them, or even just to say hello. It is truly a sad world that feels they do not have the time to write someone a note of thanks or encouragement. Texts are a wonderful tool, but in no way replace a handwritten note or letter.

I had so much fun stocking the writing desk that used to be my grandmother’s….the one that I redid just a few months ago. You can check out the redo HERE.

I stocked it full of some of my favorite stationery, stamps, cards, and other writing supplies.

Inside a writing desk drawer

It makes it so much easier…and more fun… have everything ready to just sit down and write. And, it’s pretty to look at! heehee!

Writing Desk Drawer

I took the gaudy not-so-lovely red velvet drawer liner out and replaced it with thick paper that looks like white birch. You can see it peeking out under all the fun stuff. It only took 5 minutes and makes a HUGE difference.

Much more my style….. =)

Stocking a writing desk drawer

Favorite Writing Desk Supplies

I absolutely LOVE these custom stamps from Tiny Prints. There are so many to choose from and add such a unique touch to the outside of the envelope.

You can find all of their custom stamps HERE.

Go check them out…..I dare you to not have a problem choosing a favorite. They are self-inking and so easy to use. And, let’s face it… much neater than the free return address labels with the weird, nothing-like-you pictures on them that you get in the mail for free sometimes. I bet your name isn’t even spelled correctly. {Am I right?}

Tiny Prints Return Address Stamp

These would make a great wedding gift or graduation gift…..or birthday gift. Our girls love them…and have already requested one of their own for stocking stuffers this year. ;) What a fun stocking stuffer that would be! {*note to self*}

Custom Return Address Stamp

I have one for personal use and one for business. I’m already eyeing a couple of others that I like and might want to add to the collection.

Custom Business Return Address

I’m headed to Haven next week……so, it was a perfect time to restock some fun cards to be able to share and use for the blog and our etsy shop. These are kept in my writing desk drawer, as well.

I think Tiny Prints did a fabulous job with them….aren’t they fun? They truly have some of the most unique options for calling cards and business cards. I had a hard time deciding which designs I wanted to work with………I love how they turned out. They are all packaged up in little brown bags, filled with lavender, sealed with washi tape, and bound with kitchen twine.

Cottage in the Oaks Business Cards

Do you enjoy writing cards and notes? Do you have a writing desk? What are some of your favorite things that you stock your stationery drawer or desk with?

I’d love to hear about it………


PS….I’m working on catching up with comment replies….so sorry I’m so far behind! Whew! Didn’t realize it until this week. Yikes! =) Thanks for your patience……

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