What’s Inspiring Our Summer Meals…….

   I love to find new inspiration for the kitchen. I have poured through these three cookbooks….and love them! They are greatly influencing what is being cooked in our kitchen this summer…..I wanted to share them. =)

This one…..wow! Just incredible! So far we’ve loved everything. Healthy, whole, and delicious! {And simple!} I also love Jennifer’s story…

Homemade with Love

I’ve learned all kinds of new things from this one……such great inspiration, and challenges to try something new.

Home Made Summer

This one. What can I say? Yum. If you want a cookbook of a collection of all the wonderful dishes that the South is famous for….or that you remember your grandma making……it’s this one. No fakers here. And…..a few twists on the classics. Once again….so far we haven’t been disappointed in anything we’ve made from this one.

Summer Meals

You can find all three of these on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Do you have any new summer cooking inspiration? If so….I’d love to hear about it!

In the kitchen~


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