This Means War………



is what I woke up to this morning!

Revelry! They think they have won!  They think this is their turf!

I tell you…..they are after me!  I looked up into a tree yesterday and saw one of our

chair cushions—making his nest quite cozy!

They chew, gnaw, scratch….

This one is actually EATING the candles {unscented, mind you!} out of the mason jars in the window boxes!

We have dubbed him mentally ill.

This means war!!!

I think they even have a retirement home in our garden!

And after we saw this—we knew.  They think they are here to stay.  Once you find a good school for your kids—you don’t move.

In our garden we have turtles, birds, rabbits, raccoons…but waaaaaaayyyyyyy too many squirrels!

So, we have invested in one of these…..

I’ll keep you updated.

Hope your day is squirrel-free~


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  1. Khadija says

    How hilarious! I read on another blog that if you feed them a little bit AWAY from your house, they will leave you alone. I used to use a water gun on a really annoying squirrel.

  2. says

    I’m so sorry Daune. I know what a pain they can be even though they are cute. You will eventually get rid of them. We had a gopher problem once and they too are a pain and hard to get rid of. They cages sometimes work, but maybe not. Good luck Daune and don’t give up.

  3. JaneEllen says

    Now that you’ve entertained us I’ll say I’m sorry about your squirrel situation. I’ve heard that so much of many animals natural food supplies have been deleted so they’re going more towards human foods and things to feed. Same with bears and several other animals. Their habitats are being taken over by houses. They are so cute but a real menace at times. Where did you get those adorable funny photos of squirrels? I laffed so hard hubs came to see what was going on? He had a few chuckles also. It’s funny we don’t have any squirrels out here in country. Lots of trees, grass, so would think we would. Been out here almost 8 yrs. now but have yet to see one squirrel. Good luck getting rid of those little rascals. Happy squirrelless Summer days

  4. Linda Wycoff says

    You need a dog or a couple of “outdoor cats” to keep the ornery little critters away. They don’t stay around long if there is a dog around to pester them!!!

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