Some Things I Love………..

   Some things I love…and some new discoveries that I think are awesome…..

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Love these original prints found on Etsy….you can get any state……


Oh, how I LOVE vintage seltzer bottles…..aren’t they great massed all together?


This sign will hang in my home one day. It will. I just love it. From House of Belonging…….


Vintage crated demijohns are just awesome! I’ve always loved them…….


Can you have enough string lights outside? I think not! We purchased a bunch of these at Target for our yard and patio…can’t wait to get them all up…….


How crazy cute is this smoke detector from Urban Outfitters??? I wonder if it tweets you awake if there’s smoke????


German glass glitter. The best. The bag below is from Zulilly….but you can get it several other places as well.


Olive buckets. Can’t. Get. Enough. {As seen on our front porch this summer……}


Look at this incredible wallpaper from Scrap Wood Wallpaper…..I absolutely love it!


And this leather coffee sleeve……perfect!


I’m putting this bath caddy on Handsome’s Honey-Do list… can be one of the first projects in his new workshop!


French bread boards and cafe au lait bowls. I’ve collected them for years and just love them! These below are from Dreamy Whites…one of my favorite shops!


These great anchor bracelets are so fun…and support a great cause. You can get the from Restore One…..a wonderful organization that is helping to stop human trafficking and building the first ever home for boys that have been trafficked…called Anchor House. {It will be the first home of its kind in the world…right here in Eastern NC!}


Be still my heart. This bag is swoony………


I love vintage school charts…and this is a fun, new take on them……


How fun is this!? Found on Etsy…..your handwriting on a piece of jewelry!


Well, there’s some things I love. It’s been crazy around here lately…..I’ve fallen behind responding to comments, but I haven’t forgotten! Love you all meeting me here each day and reading and commenting. I’ll try to catch up ASAP! =)

What’s some stuff you are loving these days?



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  1. JaneEllen says

    Those are incredible favorites, love them also. Will please take one of each. Love that bracelet, great cause also, how horrible for people that have been used that way. Don’t think God would approve of such a horrific thing to be done to anybody. That wall paper is so different, where would you use it? Think I’d put it on some wood, like a crate or carpenters carry all.
    Found a replica olive bucket at Target but even at clearance prices was still too much for my budget. Never did check out WalMart online to see if they had any.
    I stop what I’m doing, read some blog posts then get back to cutting out banner flags. Have much patriotic fabric so can make a few. Had to rest my back for few minutes, standing at kitchen island cutting them out. Thought I’d get all the “parts” cut and ready to assemble, lay them out to sew together then finish up. Kinda like a bit of an assembly line. Sure glad I had all that fabric, have made other July 4th. decorations with some of it, wonder what I did with that stuff, hmmmmm. Happy summer days

  2. Melissa says

    I think I’m addicted to your site! Love the beauty you see in everyday things. That is what this precious life is all about!

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