Repurposed Broken Birdbath

   I loved this little oil-rubbed bronze birdbath. When I was cleaning out the garden this spring and getting everything ready I filled it up only to find that its bottom was completely broken out and there was no way to fix it.

Instead of throwing it away I decided to create a mini succulent garden out of it. Now I’ve decided I think I like it better as a little succulent garden than I did as a birdbath! It’s adds a fun focal point in this little spot in the garden.

Repurposed Broken Birdbath as a Mini Succuluent Garden

I used a bit of potting soil in the bottom…being sure to mound it so extra water would run off and the succulents wouldn’t drown. {They don’t need a lot of water.}

Birdbath garden

Then, I planted tiny succulent plants in the mound and covered it with small pebbles.

Succulents in the garden

The pebbles will keep the rain from washing the soil away or shifting.

Mini succulent garden

I’m loving what it adds to this little spot in the garden. It used to be full of indigo…..that for some reason has died out and left this area bare and open.

Repurposed broken birdbath

Succulents planted in a broken birdbath

I love to plant flowers and plants in unexpected containers. Here’s some other fun ideas of things we used as planters around here.

What is something that you have repurposed and found a fun, new use for?



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  1. says

    I love the bird bath turn around. I have done the same thing to one of mine. It looked so beautiful until one of my grand children pulled all the plants out of it! Oh joy.
    Have a loverly day! Jo from Anne’s Attic – Design

  2. JaneEllen says

    Great way to salvage a birdbath and it’s pretty. Your garden is so nice and full. Do you have to spend lots of time keeping it nice? Don’t know how you gals do all you do, just being young, having lots of energy. Great post, now I’ll be looking for a birdbath for our yard. We got into gardening much more this year, bloggers are a good influence.
    Happy week and hope you’re enjoying summer


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