Lessons from a Little Hydrangea………

I don’t know about you…but I sometimes focus on the things that aren’t really important. I can get caught up in circumstances and how things seem….and trying to do things through my own strength. On my own. Focusing on my abilities and weaknesses…and letting them determine the success or failures of my days or weeks.

I lose perspective.

I get off track.

And I wear myself out.

Those of you that have been with me for a while know how much I LOVE hydrangeas.  Our garden is full of all kinds…. and when they are in bloom our cottage is filled with them.

Right now I have them in every room …. and they are all so pretty.  Big, beautiful blooms standing tall and brightening every spot that they grace.

But there was this little one. It was a bit different. It was just as beautiful as all the others…but it didn’t seem to be trying to impress anyone or show off its beauty.

No matter where I put it, it turned toward the light. I would turn it around and by the end of the day it had craned its beautiful neck to turn back to wherever the strongest amount of light was.

After a week or so all the other hydrangeas around the house had dried or wilted…they were spent and needed to be replaced. They had been beautiful, and strived and toiled each day to appear so.

But this little one….that turned toward the light? Well, it has stayed fresh and beautiful for over 6 weeks! It never wilted. When it did dry…..it kept its full color and was still standing tall.

I learned a lot from this little hydrangea. I need to be like this little hydrangea. I need to keep my focus on the Light {God} and not on what is going on around me or my circumstances that aren’t always as I wish they were. If I keep my focus on Him no matter what the circumstances……I won’t wilt. I won’t lose my color. I will keep the right perspective through all situations.

I don’t need to try to figure everything out. I just need to stay focused on the One that already has it figured out.

As stubborn and hard-headed as I am……this little hydrangea got through to me. ;)



In the past many of you have asked about my prayer cards that are hanging beside the hydrangea…..I love them. I have a set for my children and for Handsome. Here is where you can find them if you would like your own! =) They are called ‘Keys to the Kingdom’….scroll down the page until you see the sets of them.

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  1. Kelly says

    Beautiful! Good reminder! I struggle and struggle and struggle with this! I’ve been moping around the house the last couple of days overwhelmed with circumstances and all the things that are my responsibility. I just can’t keep up with everything and I’m tired. I know I’m trying to do it all on my own strength. Why do we continue to forget that God’s light and power are just RIGHT THERE for us?! I so want to be a Mary and yet I continue to be like Martha. : ( . dear lord, help us today and each day, seek you and look to you for our strength and for our “marching orders”. : ) Thank you for this blog post!!!!! I needed a little wake up call today! No more moping! I’m going to crane my neck to the light! : )

    • says

      Thank you, Nancy! They are one of my favorites! It was great to see you at Haven….so glad I got to! Hope you’re having a wonderful week! xoxoxo

  2. beverly troup says

    Thank you for this lesson. So many times I lose focus and life gets “fuzzy” and I lose my way. Little reminders like this one today help me get back on track.

    • says

      Beverly….I need all the little reminders I can get! How about you? I hope you are having a great week….thanks so much for stopping by! Blessings……

  3. JaneEllen says

    I think you picked that particular hydrangea because you needed to feel that lesson for yourself. It was put in your garden for a reason. Can we question everything we don’t understand? If you believe in God, no you don’t. I believe very strongly in things we can’t understand or reason about. I’m glad your little beautiful hydrangea was there for you.
    Now I’d like to say how lucky you are to have hydrangeas growing so prolifically in your garden. Our climate is much too dry I guess and our soil much too alkalitic. I really know nothing about growing them but sure wish we could. They are so gorgeous and so very decorative in our homes and gardens. Enjoy yours for me ok? Happy summer days.

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