Laundry Room Inspiration

   Well….now that Handsome’s tools are out of the laundry room {woohoo!} we are working on how we want to redo it to actually be exclusively a laundry room! Yes!

I got really excited last weekend and told him he could have all the cabinets that were on the walls in there for his workshop, too. So, it now looks like a disaster zone in there…..cabinets ripped off the wall to reveal 2-3 different paint jobs and wallpaper, all the stuff that was IN the cabinets is now stacked on the floor….

But, I’m OK with that…..because I know what’s coming! =)

Open shelves


wood planks…walls and ceiling

a little chandelier ;) {already have that in there!}

curtains in place of the ugly closet doors

walnut floor {already done!}

lots of white!

French hamper {already in there!}

A wonderful piece of furniture from this wonderful place

Large, clear jars full of laundry soaps and other laundry necessities

It’s going to be awesome!

I love these laundry rooms……





These are the two hampers that we already been using ….. absolutely love them!






{you can find all these pics on my Laundry Room Pinterest Board}

What is your ‘must have’ for a laundry room or laundry area?



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    • says

      Hi, Christine~ yes! You can follow me on Bloglovin if you’d like. I don’t have an icon on the blog…I need to add one, but you can do a quick search on Bloglovin and Cottage in the Oaks will come up! =) Hugs….

  1. JaneEllen says

    Ah to have even one of those laundry rooms. Enjoy your new room when it’s completed, will look forward to how you reconfigured and made it a quite useful room just for laundry. Those laundry room are all fantasy rooms for me. We have a small closet like area at one end of our mud room with ugly doors covering the washer dryer and shelf/two small cabinets on either side. But we can’t have it all. Being a young woman with family your needs for a “real” and roomy laundry room are more than an older couple, Would just be another room I’d have to clean, ugh, have better things to do than clean another room, like create things.
    Looking forward to seeing your new laundry room. Enjoy and stay cool. Happy days

  2. Cherie Smith says

    Did you know that the round wire hamper folds flat for storage? Yep?!The legs fold under and the me meshy top folds flat. I take mine down many times and stash it along side my dryer when I need more space.

    • says

      Yes! Isn’t that great! I have two of them….one in our master bathroom and one in the upstairs laundry room. Absolutely love them! =) Hugs…..

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