Friday Favorites :::: Summer Foods

   Summer foods are so fresh and varied because there’s so much available. Fruits, vegetables, etc……seem to always abound in the summer.

Some summer favorites that I’ve found……{click on the source below each pic for the recipes and info}

You can’t have summer without popsicles!



Oreo Popsicles! Whoa.



Raspberry Peach Lemonade……



Watermelon Slushy…..



Mexican Street Corn……



Cucumber Lemon Water…….



Blueberry Ice Sticks for your lemonade…….



Let me know if you try one…..hope your weekend is full of wonderful summer foods!



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  1. JaneEllen says

    OH my heavens they all look so go0d and refreshing. I need to look around to see what I can make frozen treats in, had to chuck old frozen treat maker due to missing parts. I’ll have to look harder in stores to see if they have any. Meanwhile I’ll get myself some little paper cups for now. I always made frozen treats for kids/myself with Kool-Aid and we drank a lot of it. Now we’re told not to let kids have so much sugar. Is that why my youngest son was such a maniac? He was so full of being a boy we called him the “Tasmanian devil. We drank lots of kool aid when my kids were young in Tucson and San Diego, pretty hot in summers.
    Great post, thanks for sharing the treats. No kids to make any for now but hubs and I enjoy them.
    Happy summer days

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