My Word of the Year {2014}

   For the past two years I have shared how I don’t make resolutions…..but I do choose a word of the year at the beginning of each new year to take with me through the days and months ahead. You can read about my past words of the year here:

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I’m definitely a goal-setter…..and have several goals in different areas of my life that I would like to meet in 2014; and my word of the year is applied within each of those goals. BUT, a word of the year should serve as a little spark each time you see it. A little reminder….not a blaring alarm…..

This year my word is SEE.

My Word of the Year 2014

The dictionary states that the act of seeing is being able to interpret your surrounding environment and process the information.

I’m really good at multi-tasking..and even though I might ‘see’ something as I’m doing something else….I want to be more in the moment and really SEE things. I want to stop doing whatever I’m doing and look more intently into the eyes that are speaking to me….to really SEE them.

I want to listen better and be able to SEE the heart of the one that is sharing with me.

I want to stop and SEE the daily blessings that are always coming my way.

I want to SEE the answers to my prayers.

I want to SEE the lovely in the unlovely….because that is so often where we find God.

It’s so easy to overlook instead of SEE….and this year I want to be intentional about not doing that.

In order to SEE….the unnecessary must be peeled away and discarded. SEEing is not passive…..but something we choose to do.

I want to SEE the things that need to be changed….and then work toward that.

This year I want to SEE more and better in every area.

It will take intention. It will take slowing down. It will take clearing away. It will take sacrifice.

It will be worth it.

What about you? Do you have a word of the  year for 2014?

Happy New Year!


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  1. says

    Happy New Year! We are so much alike in some ways! Usually we choose a phrase to focus on for the new year, but this year Hubs chose the word FOCUS with some scripture references from Philippians. I’ve been pretty sick with a cold, but personally I am going with the word UPGRADE. This came out of a conversation with my daughter about the way we eat and I realized it can apply to my life in so many other ways!

  2. DEBRA stensrud says

    LOVE. I’m going to give this some thought.
    My daughter and I wrote 100 notes to one another using lovely stationary -a treasure! But a friend does what you do and here’s what she posted on FACEBOOK—

    Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, I have adopted a “phrase” or “word” for the coming year. In 2011 it was the phrase “how may I help?”; in 2012 it was the word “serve” and also the words “be a team player”… in 2013 it was the word “perspective” …. now, for the new year of 2014 the word that has come to my mind is the word “truth.” So that is my 2014 word… truth…. what is truth? Is it the truth? Am I speaking only the truth? So many ways to consider the most important fact of life…. TRUTH. Not truth by consensus/majority opinion; not truth for me as opposed to truth for you….. but TRUTH. John 8:32: you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. 2014=truth.

    • says

      Love those words…and I really love the 100 letters! Wow! How fun and special….it will always be a treasure. =) Just like you, Debra! Happy New Year!

  3. Helen says

    Daune, I’m excited to read your blog. God gave me the idea of focusing on a specific word in early December, 2013. He gave me…Intentional! (Funny that was your first word, mine as well.) I ran across the website, which confirmed my idea. They have also written a book (takes 45 min to read) that encourages you through the process. I’ve shared the idea with family, friends, my church, and the non-profit I run. I’m expecting to see God move in amazing ways as I not only focus on my Word, but also my family, friends, church, and Clinic. I look forward to hearing/reading your stories as well!
    Because life matters, Helen

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