Thank You Notes from Nanna……

   OK….I had another post scheduled for today, but I just had to document this fun thank you note that we received from Nanna…..Handsome’s stepmom, our kids’ grandma, my crazy MIL. She and Handsome’s Dad spend Christmas with us each year…and we always have lots of fun. You can also read about one of our visits with them here. It’s entertaining…you’ll be glad you did. Or not.

Now, I have some great pictures of Nanna. Even better videos. My favorite being the Christmas that my children tried to teach her and Poppa how to play the violin. The video is of Nanna trying to play the violin while singing opera. To top it off, my girls had ‘fixed’ her hair. There were no less than 33 clips in it. I cannot tell you the self-control I am having to engage to not post this video. The temptation is overwhelming….and I need to state that I am only human; and the day may come when I just cannot resist any longer. I’m doing my best.

My favorite of Poppa would have to be the pics of him trying to teach our kids how to do a head stand. This big, high-ranking, army colonel, Department of Defense man. On his head. In my living room. My kids were laughing so hard they could barely stand on their feet…much less try to stand on their head. Resisting posting this, too, is almost beyond my capabilities.

So, I’ll just take a small step out and post our annual Christmas Eve Pic…..after we take the ‘normal family’ one….we let loose and reveal our true ‘crazy family’. These are from the past two years…..

If I disappear from the earth without a trace…you know what happened.

Thank You Notes from Nanna

So, without further introduction……here is this year’s Thank You Notes from Nanna…….I’m trying to get her to start a blog…….honestly, I think Nanna was the original Eloise at The Plaza. They just changed her name… avoid paparazzi.

She’s a rebel. With many causes.



 I don’t usually write thank-you notes, but it’s 4:00 in the morning and I’m still wide awake because SOMEBODY (meaning Handsome and Daune) gave us 8000 yummy varieties of coffee that I couldn’t wait to try, so I had a few cups (meaning 78).  Then I realized that I had probably overdone it (Nanna’s no dummy) and I couldn’t move without sloshing, so I tried to soak up some of the caffeine with the delicious popcorn that SOMEBODY (meaning Lovely Little) had given us.  After inhaling all three bags (I only gave a little to Poppa because he’s old and can’t chew well), I was really thirsty so I drank a few more cups of coffee (no more than 37 this time – Nanna’s no dummy).  After that, I was still buzzed so I jogged to Pier I Imports (and if you believe that Nanna jogs, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you).  I had a wonderful time at Pier I getting some really awesome items – and it didn’t cost me a thing, because SOMEBODY (meaning Lovely Middle) gave me not one but TWO gift cards!  What a joy!! Nanna got beautiful things and Poppa didn’t complain about the cost (he’s old and lived through the Great Depression of 1922 so he’s a little tight with money).  After shopping, I came home and (still full of caffeinated energy), I turned on the snowman cheerleader that SOMEBODY (meaning Daune) gave me.  I memorized all of the cheers so that Snowman and I could do cheer duets.  For some reason, this drove Poppa craaaazy (he’s old and gets crotchety), so he ran off to IHOP and had a big lunch for free because SOMEBODY (meaning Lovely Middle) gave him a gift card.  When he came home, I was still doing cheer duets with Snowman, only now I was accompanying my cheers with cartwheels across the living room (and if you believe that Nanna can do a cartwheel, there’s a tower in Pisa that I can sell at a reasonable price.  It leans a little, but otherwise it’s in very good condition.)  Poppa did not want to do cartwheels with me (he’s old and his bones break easily), so he left again.  This time, he went to Cracker Barrel where he had a delicious free supper because SOMEBODY (meaning No. 1 Son) had given him a gift card.  Then he came home and went to bed early (he’s old and needs lots of sleep).  But I still wasn’t tired, so I decided to have a few cups of coffee (decaf of course – Nanna’s no dummy).  Now I’m sitting here at 4:00 a.m. writing this letter by candlelight because SOMEBODY (meaning No. 1 Son) gave me a beautiful candle.  It provides such a lovely scent and glowing ambiance that I think I should probably wake up Poppa so he can enjoy it too.  If you never see your Nanna again, you’ll know that Poppa did NOT appreciate my thoughtful gesture and has probably smothered me with a pillow and buried me in the woods.

 Thank all y’all wonderful SOMEBODIES for all our terrific gifts.  We loved being there for Christmas!

 Love you –

 Nanna (with my last dying breath)


Poppa (with his hands pressing the pillow over my face)……but wait…………

Poppa’s old and doesn’t have the strength to finish me off, so Nanna lives!


Happy Monday to you =)~


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  1. DEBRA stensrud says

    HYSTERICAL!!!!!! A gifted writer indeed!!! Adopt me!!!!! Love laughter -Love family!!!
    All this and Jesus too!

  2. Maureen Hayes says

    How lucky you are to have such a funny mother in law, get her to start her own blog for sure! And by the way, post those videos, the world MUST see them. . . Lol!

  3. says

    Where does Nanna live? I MUST meet her! She’s my kinda gal, that’s for sure. You are very fortunate to have her and Poppy in your life.

    Please tell her we all want her to start a blog – what fun! Also, if she’d like to adopt me as a sister, I’m willing! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • says

      Heehee….so glad, Andrea! =) I hope you’ve had a great day….and are staying warm! If you’re here on the East coast with us…it’s freeeeeezzzzzzing! =)

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