Sheep ::: My Shepherd’s Heart

   I have always wanted sheep. And a farmhouse to go with them.

I just love sheep.






Oh….these sheep would definitely belong on my farm……..


Is there something that you’ve always wanted, but don’t have yet?

Something that you think others might think is crazy….but is a little dream tucked away in your heart?

Your Future Shepherd Wanna-Be~


Sources of all pictures can be found here on my Sheep Board!

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  1. I love sheep too. They are so cute and sweet. Have a great day!

  2. Your post made me laugh this morning! My husband had the same dream and we now are in the throws of lambing season with our tiny flock. You should check out my blog and see if it inspires or deters you :)

    • I will have to do that! =) How fun that you guys are realizing his dream…..amidst the ‘not so dreamy stuff’, too! =) Happy New Year, Elizabeth!

  3. These pictures are great!

  4. These are beautiful photos of sheep! I’m a dreamer and have many dreams tucked away for safe keeping but one day…one of the dreams that will be coming true…is being known as mom to multitudes of children. I used to want to have an orphanage…but the thought of someone else adopting one of ‘my’ children …. now I want to adopt the orphanage! Expanding my tent-stakes and preparing room for many children…like sheep…there is always room for one more child!

    • Oh, Beulah…what a wonderful dream! I’m so glad you are seeing it come to fruition! You have a wonderful heart….keep us updated on this great adventure!

  5. they are just wonderful….gentle and lovely!!

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