Peace ::: It’s Not Always Still

   It just can’t be easy, can it?

Our dishwasher died. We were so excited to finally get our awesome new Bosch delivered yesterday.

Kitchen is torn apart.

The electrical was in the wrong place for a Bosch.

New holes and new wiring has to be put in.

Electrician should be coming today.

But the dishwasher man can’t come back until later this week.

The kitchen will be staying torn apart until then.

Opened my new dishwasher.

It was full of gross, sour water.

Smelled up our entire kitchen.

I don’t like stinks.

I made a lot of calls.

One of my precious ones had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.

We needed a good report.

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday.

Where in the world did I put that awesome present we got him?

I know it’s here somewhere.

I suddenly remembered that we homeschool.

I am responsible for my children’s education.

Even among stinky, new, expensive dishwashers.

And doctor appointments.

We are claiming that good report…and praying for the procedure that has to happen later this week.

More important than a torn up kitchen and stinky water.

The phone has been ringing a lot.

Oh yeah…I’m the one making soup for a group tomorrow.

Who took my grocery list?

Why in the world do people ask my advice and I can’t even find the grocery list?

My house is dirty.

My word for the year is SEE.

I’m seeing a lot this week.

Maybe I should have chosen DON’T LOOK!

Seeing requires acknowledging and embracing. All of it.

The good and the bad.

To fully experience the moment…whatever it is….

and to be reminded that:


Addled, but peaceful~


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  1. says

    I enjoyed reading this because it’s so true and that’s the way life is for most of us. I hope it wasn’t true and that you didn’t have all these problems. If so, I’m sorry. You’ll get through it just stay strong.

  2. says

    Oh, I remember those days when the four children were still at home. I look back and think, “How in the World.” I think that’s way I am so tired now, hah.
    Good luck, it’s all worth it. Time goes by so quickly so enjoy every crazy busy day.
    Yuck, on the dishwasher.
    Hope the procedure goes well.

    • says

      Thank you, Debby! =) So far, so good…it looks like we made it through last week! ha! =) Hope your week is off to a super start. Hugs….

  3. Pam Ballard says

    This was a post I needed. The last few days I have been challenged.. So much to do on a daily basis.. By the end of the day so exhausted. Than I am always reminded each day is a gift and I should rejoice in them. Best wishes on doctors reports.. Have a wonderful day today.

    • says

      Thank you, Pam. =) We did get a good report. yay! AND, we made it through last week. It can be hard to hold onto the peace when everything is swirling around you…but it is still there. =) Hugs….

  4. Sandra says

    There are two types of storms
    i.Correcting storms – when we’re outside the will of God
    ii.Perfecting storms – when we’re inside the will of God; God uses the storm to grow us.

  5. Tammy says

    Aren’t you glad for times like this, though. Much as it is annoying, it gives you a chance to be thankful that everyday is not like this. See? ❤️

  6. Sharon says

    My word for this year is Peace. May I use your Peace …it does not mean……quote as my signature in my emails if I quote you? I love the phrase.

    • says

      Isn’t it great? I can’t take credit for it…it’s ‘anonymous’. I wish I knew where it originated….I have it hanging in our home. It’s a great reminder! =)

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