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   Everyone needs words of encouragement and affirmation….right? This is a fun way to remind a friend, loved one, spouse, child, etc. how much you appreciate them….and all the things you like about them.

We’ve done this in the form of books, streamers with hearts hanging in doorways…but it’s super fun to fill a jar with little slips of paper with all the things you like/appreciate about them.

Jar of Blessings and Appreciation

This is a little jar I made for Handsome for our anniversary this past November. Our date is the 27th, so I did “27 Things I Like About You”.

Jar of Blessings

It will be great to have around on a hard day….just pick a tag out and read it.

Thing I like about you.....

It’s easy to overlook the seemingly little things that we appreciate about people….this is a fun way to document it.

Appreciation Jar

Any jar will work. Just make a list of what you like/appreciate about the person you’re creating it for, handwrite them or print them on your choice of paper, cut them in strips, fold them, and fill up the jar!

Showing Appreciation

This would be super fun to do for Valentine’s Day coming up…

What fun ways do you show appreciation for those you love?




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  1. Maureen says

    I did this for my mom for Christmas about 5 years ago. I made up one slip for each week of the year and decorated the jar and put the slips in. This way she had something to read each week, and it gave me the chance to thank her for all the wonderful things she has done for me. Then she surprised me. She saved each slip and scrapbooked each one with an answer to me and gave the book to me for the following Christmas!! It turned out to be such a precious gift to us both.

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