Finding the Lovely 2014 ::: {Week 1}

Good morning! This post was supposed to post on Friday….but, for some reason, did not. I’ll try again……..

Each year since I’ve started this blog I’ve had a Finding the Lovely series on Fridays. I usually don’t start it until February….but I thought it would be fun to go ahead and start in January. To be intentional about spontaneously catching the little lovelies that we run into during each week. Big or small…no matter. To document that they are always there….waiting to be discovered if we will just look. If you’d liked to check out the past  years’ “Finding the Lovely” you can click here.

Here’s a few things that blessed me…and that I found lovely this week…….

Finding the Lovely _ Cottage in the Oaks

Wednesday was my birthday…thank you for all of your wonderful wishes and sweet notes! They warmed my heart!

1. Waking up to birthday flowers and fun notes

2. Being showered with presents brought to me in bed…and left on the doorstep!

3. Gifts galore! Wow!

4. Everyone saved me their ‘middle’….that’s true love!

5. Getting Target popcorn and a cherry coke with my girls…and getting the Frozen soundtrack. =)

6. Violin notes and doodles….

7. The chandelier that ONE DAY will hang in my cottage. It makes me smile every time I see it.

8. Olaf. I don’t need to say anymore.

9. Dropping No. 1 Son off at the airport for a big solo adventure.

10. The sunrise leaving the airport……

 What did you find lovely this week?

Have a wonderful Monday…full of loveliness~


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