Chimney Pots ……..

   I love chimney pots! They are very commonplace in Europe….not so much here in the U.S.


They are usually made of terra cotta, but can be copper or other metals. My favorite are terra cotta.


We would like to add two on our chimney here at Oak Cottage.


Aren’t they wonderfully fun?


Here’s  a French cottage with chimney pots on both chimneys.



The aging over time adds so much character.


The pic below is in Paris…with the Sacre Coeur in the background.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 7.39.28 PM

{The picture above is from Views from My Kitchen Sink}

All other pictures are from my Chimney Pots board here.

Are you familiar with chimney pots? What do you know about them? Love to hear…..



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    • says

      Aren’t they so wonderful? I love the pictures of seeing them all together. So much character. Hope to soon add a couple to our cottage. Have a great afternoon!

    • says

      Lynne….they are like a small smoke stack. They protect the chimney and flue, as well as, are decorative. =) Aren’t they so neat? I just love them!

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