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You all know how much I love things that tell a story….that make a connection…..and I think they are the best kind of gifts to give. I was introduced to a new business that gathers artisans from all over the world into a wonderful collaboration. WE’VE Built makes connections with each of their pieces of art….through technology linking so many people there is a story behind each product in their inventory. Their Instagram was where I first saw the Backstage Necklace.

Most of my life has involved a stage. It is where I am most at home. The smell of a theatre…especially backstage…..makes my heart flutter. Backstage is such an intricate place…it’s where a lot of different things and people are bound together by the one performance that they are all a part. Going in different directions…all for the same purpose.

So when I discovered the Backstage Necklace on the WE’VE Built site I new it would be a great gift for a few special people I had in mind this year. {As well as I wanted one myself!}

Backstage Necklace

Different directions. Bound together by the same purpose. Artfully depicted in this lovely necklace……


WE’VE Built incorporates community, design, storytelling, and sustainability….all by bringing highly-skilled people together to collaborate on unique pieces of art. Be sure to visit them and see which product might jump out and make a connection with you or someone on your gift list this year. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Handmade Necklace

WE’VE Built believes that high design and handmade are not mutually exclusive. I think that’s why many of their pieces tell a great story.

When I look at this necklace it takes me back to backstage….preparing, waiting, expecting. Many working as one. They are great memories…and I know they are for my fellow performers. Each time we see our necklace we will remember.

WE'VE Built Backstage necklace

Be sure to check out WE’VE Built on Instagram or Pinterest ………

When you are choosing gifts for special ones…what is most important to you?

 Merry, Merry~


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  1. What a lovely necklace. Perfect.

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