Christmas Tree of Memories……..

   In our dining room we usually have a Christmas tree that is filled with our Olde Worlde Ornament collection. We love that tree! We add new ornaments to it each year…and they all mean something to our family.

But, this year, we realized that the big Olde Worlde Ornament tree wouldn’t fit in our dining room since we added this lovely lady in there. Hmmmm…what to do! So, we created a new tree this year….while we figure out where in the world we can put the other one for next year! {But now I like this tree so much…I’m going to want to keep this idea, too!} I will never be accused of being a minimalist.

I’m not really big on theme trees…never have been. But, I had fun making this one this year! =) To me all Christmas trees hold wonderful memories; because we always put all of our ornaments on our main tree. No theme. Just great memories tied to each ornament taken out of the box and hung on the green branches. A wonderful gathering of reminders of life experience, places, and people we love.

I still wanted a tree in the dining room….I love adding as much greenery as possible anywhere I can. So, we brought in a small tree and put it in a vintage olive bucket….it was small enough to fit beside the lovely lady.

A Year of Memories Tree

I used large hang tags from an office supply store and chose pictures from this past year that represented fun we had, family, and special moments.

Dining Room Christmas Tree

In the editing software I used the sepia option for all the pics and sized them to fit on the hang tag; then, attached them with a glue stick.

Red and white kitchen twine was used for the hanger.

Tree with hang tag photos

I added a few little clay word ornaments in a few spots.

Christmas Tree of Memories

And then I clipped small flashcards with Christmas words on them to branches with tiny clothespins.

Photos on Christmas Tree

So, now, we have a tree that represents this past year and the highlights and people that are special to our family.

I like it. For someone that doesn’t like theme trees….I like this one.

Memory Tree

I think the Lovely Lady likes it, too! =)

What kind of tree do you have in your home? Do you like theme trees, or a tree with all kinds of ornaments on it?

Stay merry~



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  1. says

    I love the idea for your tree! What better way to remember the year than with pictures? The sepia coloring just makes them perfect. Very original idea! The clothes-pinned words are just frosting on the cake.

  2. says

    OH WOW!! I absolutely love this idea!! I think I am gonna hafta steel this idea. You should come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase, a party I cohost! I would love to see this on there so I could pin it to our talent board. The party starts at 5 pm today!! New Follower!


  3. JaneEllen says

    Your sentimental tree is wonderful, what better reminders of people and happenings than photos of them? Great idea and it looks great. The little things you added just frost the cake, great “theme’ tree. You did such a great job of letting anybody that sees it that the tree is about people you love. Sounds really good to me.
    I usually do something different every year on our tree if we have one. It’s just the two of us seniors and our furry kidz, dog and cat and we have a small living room. We weren’t going to have a tree this year at all but I saw an idea on blog land and decided to go for it.
    I’d love to have a small real tree but boy are they expensive so we got busy making one. We had a tall tomato cage, string of led lights, some faux pine garland and lots of ornaments from $tree and ones I made. The tree is about three ft. tall and not too bad. I had a wood star hubs cut for me last year that I painted silver. I put some silvery little buttons on each star point and in the middle and it’s on top of the tree. We’re quite happy with our tree and it was free. Gotta love free. We put it on a small end table by our biggest window.
    Did some other decorating also with all things I had so I’m pretty happy Christmas decorator. Will be pretty easy when it comes time to put all away.
    This year hubs didn’t feel like digging in big shed for Christmas boxes so I used what I could find in another little storage shed. Don’t have some things I love to use but it made me think what we had I could use, lot less stressful and it’s all done.
    Hope your holidays are wonderful. Do you live where there’s snow and cold? That’s another reason hubs didn’t feel like trudging down to bigger shed, about 9 inches of snow and it’s really cold here, (we live about 15 miles or so west of Grand Junction, CO) and it’s been quite cold for couple weeks now. Happy holidays

    • says

      Thank you so much, Jane! I can understand with the bad weather not wanting to trudge through to haul out all the boxes! Whew! =) I hope you two have a great Christmas! Many blessings…..

    • says

      Thank you , Dria! It was a fun tree to put together. I love looking over the pictures and remembering the moments they represent. Merry Christmas!

  4. says

    Not only do I love this idea, showering your Christmas tree with wonderful memories, but I am also loving the pot/pail your tree is in! How do you get it to stay in there and not tip over? I feel like my little gremlin would do some trouble if I were to do that… maybe in another couple years. ;)

    • says

      Shannon….it is a vintage olive bucket, and we just put the tree down into it. It helps that it is kind of in a corner. If it was out in the open it probably would not stand up! =) Merry Christmas!

  5. says

    What a great idea to use photos from the year to create a tree full of special memories. I’m going to have to see if I can be so clever at the computer.


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