A Family Mealtime Tradition ::: The Appreciation Plate

   We have a treasured mealtime tradition here at our home:

The Appreciation Plate

Family Mealtime Tradition

It is a plate that does not match any of our other dishes….making it stand out at each dinner.

Each night it goes to someone different until we have been through all of our family; and then we start over again.

Before we say the blessing, we go around and everyone says one thing that they appreciate about the person that has The Appreciation Plate.

Then, the person that was appreciated blesses our food and we eat.

We have been doing this for over 15 years….and it is a treasured time.

It has helped to diffuse sibling irritation….hard to be upset with someone that you are appreciating or that is appreciating you.

It has turned bad days into good ones.

It affirms each member of our family…we are a team, and it’s important that we build each other up.

When our kids have guests over—we sometimes give the Appreciation Plate to them.

It’s good to remember to appreciate others, as well.

After the blessing has been said….we play a ‘game’ called

Roses and Thorns.

As we are eating everyone shares one Thorn {what was worst} from their day,

and one Rose {what was best} from their day.

Sometimes what is said is surprising…or something that you didn’t know about at all.

This is a fun conversation starter any time…..but mealtime is our favorite.

Everyone is in one place and not going anywhere for a bit.

In the car on a road trip is another great time to play Roses and Thorns.

Do you have any fun things that you do during dinner time with your family?

Have a great Tuesday~



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  1. says

    We do something similar- not quite as planned out or official. We do best and worsts, everyone tells their best thing and their worst thing of the day while we are having dinner.
    I like the idea of the appreciation plate. We’re an awkward family- my husband and our girls, plus my mom and sister. We really get on each other’s nerves. I think it would be good to how we are blessed by each person in our family.
    Thanks for your suggestions.

    • says

      How fun! When you put a bunch of humans under one roof…we do tend to drive each other crazy sometimes, don’t we? =) Hope you are having a great day…..hugs!

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