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   We are a family of bookworms. I’m so glad! But it means that books are all over the place….on shelves, stacked on the floor, on tables, etc. And, I love that! But, there were a few places that I wanted to have a bit more clean look….not so busy and cluttered. So, we chose to have paper wrapped books in a few spots in our home. It’s a fun and quick little makeover that really has made a big difference in the spots we’ve chosen to use them. I think a home without books is sad. Books adds so much warmth and life to a home. I’ve been in homes before that don’t have books and even if they are beautifully decorated they look cold and empty to me. BUT, they can get out of hand….and if you’re not careful they can make a room look cluttered and messy. Paper wrapped books is one way to help with that little book dilemma.

One of our side tables in the living room was a bit too low to put a lamp on… we needed to raise the lamp a bit higher so it could be used.  I covered a stack of books all the same size in brown craft paper and stamped their titles on the spine. It was a perfect solution……the lamp was raised higher, and we had another place for our stacks of books! =)

Paper-Wrapped Books

Paper wrapped books

We have a little side table in our master bath with a few fun books for bathroom reading. It looks much better with them all wrapped in white computer paper with the titles handwritten on the spines.

Books wrapped in paper

{Oops! You can see where I messed up a bit on the book to the far right….I cut the paper a bit too short.}

White paper wrapped books

It’s an easy project. You just need your choice of paper, some scissors, and your books.

Open up the book and lay it flat out onto the paper. Make a line with a pencil all the way around the book….adding a few inches on each side for a fold over.

With an exacto knife or scissors cut along your pencil marks.

Lay the book on top of the paper and center it….fold over the side flaps….and you’re done!

You don’t need to glue or tape….unless you want to. This way it is easy to change the paper in the future or remove it.

There are so many directions to take with paper wrapped books! It would look great to wrap all the books on a bookcase in fun, bright-colored paper. It would add so much color and make a great statement for a room. Old wallpaper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper…..any paper that makes you smile will work.

You can leave the spines blank…or stamp or handwrite the titles on there so you will still know which book is which.

Do you like having lots of books in your home?




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    I like how you stamped the titles on the first stack. Cool! They do look nice all covered in the same paper too. Yep, I love books and just can’t resist them!


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