Summer Dreaming {No. 1}

OK…let’s have some Friday fun. If you lived in this home….or owned it as a vacation home…..what do you see yourself doing here? Remember…this is Summer Dreaming… is no object. Spill it….what would you do?

Summer Dreaming



I think this is an amazing lake house….and I would definitely spend most of my time on the top floor. I imagine this lake house to be in the mountains. My favorite. Maybe Lake Lure………

My bedroom would be overlooking the water and I would have coffee each morning out on the deck while watching the sun come up over the water and listening to the water lap the shore.

I would have late night parties on the awesome lower level wraparound porch. Lingering parties {my favorite} where everyone stays late sharing their heart and laughing till they cry. Staying so late they may have to crash in one of the many bedrooms inside.

I would have a mahogany roustabout boat that I would scoot around on the water with…..docking at little town ports to grab a bite to eat and meet new people. {I love mahogany roustabouts!} Some people call them runabouts…..but I’ve always liked ‘roustabout’. Here’s a pic of one…..

Mahogany runabout


Soooooo……what would you do if this were your house?

Happy Weekend~


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  1. Handsome says

    I would relax beside you over-looking the lake with a cup of coffee as well. I would have a room dedicated as a workshop so I can build the things you want… I mean “need”! I would also find a place to hide whenever the “honey-do” list got too big! And, in my spare time, I would make a disc golf course on the property!

  2. Terri says

    i would alternate between the dock and one of the gorgeous porches…. drinking coffee in the AM with all my besties…. sharing some down time together…. maybe a laid back boat ride…. sunning….. swimming… back to the porch for sweet iced tea and grilling…. LOTS OF GOOD BOOKS!!! DOWN TIME IN THIS BEAUTIFUL PLACE WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

    • says

      Oh….love this. You just can’t have enough good books, wherever you are! =) And, how could I have forgotten my beloved Sweet Tea! {Sweet Tea is a spiritual thing to me…..} Have a great weekend, Terri!

  3. says

    Hi- I found your blog through Romantic Homes July issue. I always do a little promo on blogs I find-so I will be posting about you tomorrow. What a nice blog here-, Daune!

  4. Sandy Bowers says

    I’d be greeting all my friends and family for a great week’s vacation, letting the events play out without planning. Just enjoying being around everyone I love. Then at the end of the week I’d pack my bags and head home to my very much smaller and well loved home. That’s just too much house for me!

    • says

      Sounds wonderful, Sandy….but since you’re dreaming…you could have a crew come in once a week and clean it! ;) heehee

  5. Khadija says

    Oh my goodness, when I look at that kind of house I just think off all the cleaning it would need!

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