The Year of Succulents!

   We have them everywhere! They are perfect for the hot, humid South. We used them for our recent Graduation Party….and have them all over the inside and outside of our home. What are they? {I’m so glad you asked!} Succulents! They almost need no attention…they like it hot and dry. Sometimes I go weeks without watering them.

We have them planted in tin cans, chicken feeders, teacups, vintage wooden crates….you name it, they are in there.

Succulents are quite often mistaken for a type of cactus…but they are not. They are described as a plant that has ‘fatty’ leaves and stems that store water. Here’s a detailed definition and description of succulents.



You can tell when you have gone too long without watering….they begin losing their color. I also think it’s neat that if a leaf/stem breaks off, you can stick in the soil and it will grown another plant.

They are wonderful for wreaths. They grow and fill in quickly.



I just love them. Have you ever planted them before?



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