25 Things ::: Mother’s Day Version

I haven’t done a ’25 Things’ post in a long time….so, in honor of Mother’s Day, I give you……

25 Things ::: Mother’s Day Version!

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OK,,,,,, here we go……….

Mother's Day

25 Things ::: Mother’s Day Version

{Things I have learned as a mom……..}

1.  You can make chores more fun by pretending to be Cinderella.

2.  Dads catch baseballs, Moms catch vomit.

3. There is no sleep in sleepover.

4.  If you want to get carried….fall asleep in the back of the car.

5.  When you hear the smoke detector….breakfast is probably not too far behind.

6.  All projects are due on the same day: TOMORROW.

7.  Check for dog poop before you roll down the hill.

8. Hell hath no fury like a teenager on a bad hair day.

9. One day when your kids are getting ready to graduate you will find a petrified french fry under the car seat…..and get teary-eyed.

10.  In-laws teach kids stuff. Weird stuff. Bad stuff.

11. It’s not a good idea to jump off the shed with cardboard wings.

12. If the flowers you draw don’t look like anyone else’s…..that’s good.

13.  No one will ever put you in time-out, no matter how badly you want to go.

14.  Your definition of clean changes dramatically after having children.

15. Your capacity to love will astound you.

16.  Once you have a child, time passes 400x faster. True story.

17. You will teach the basics of logic:  “Because I said so, that’s why!”

18. You will become great at teaching endurance: “We will sit here until you eat all the broccoli.”

19.  Only in motherhood will you experience the strange sensation of wanting to strangle someone that you’re willing to die for.

20.  You are responsible for making sure your child knows their origin: “You were not born in a barn!”

21.  When you lay your head on their little chest and hear their heartbeat…you’ll swear to do everything possible to protect them.

22. Motherhood is discovering a you that you didn’t know existed.

23.  When you are worried you will do better research than the FBI.

24. There will come a day when you will miss getting homemade Mother’s Day presents.

25. Labor is the easy part.

To all you wonderful mothers out there……..may you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! I hope your weekend is full of blessings and fun times with the ones you mother……..



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