The Hospitality of Opening Your Home…….

Hospitality is very celebrated here at our cottage. Inviting others into our home is one of our favorite things to do. We also enjoy it being ‘just us’..and each of us enjoys our solitude times, too.

I think we should all be surrounded by beauty in our homes…for us and others to delight in. This has nothing to do with how much we spend; but, rather, how much of ourselves we pour into our homes. When our homes reflect who lives there….it is a delight to our families and to all who are invited inside. It is an honor to open our home to others and be able to bless them. I hope our home is a respite from the crazy, wonderful world we live in…..a place that my family and others can come to and get replenished, nurtured, and blessed. And have a lot of fun!

A few weeks ago we had 13 teenage girls spend the weekend with us…and it was a treasure.

Girls. They come with a lot of stuff.

Opening your home to others - hospitality

Stacks of plates stand at the ready for breakfast before a day of community service and mission projects…..

Prepared for hospitality....

The quiet before the storm…..

The Hospitality of Opening Your Home

You can’t go wrong with bacon. Really.

Cooking bacon

Berries…they disappeared in 10 minutes…..

Hospitality - berries

Coffee accessories…..

Cream and Sugar Milk in French Bottle

This girl got up in the early, quiet mornings before the girls….she was their fearless leader, and studied and prayed for their day….She writes a lovely blog that you can find here.

A Hopeful Indie

Mornings…..a method in the madness?

Girls and their stuff - Hospitality

A little respite in between pick-ups…..always needed and enjoyed. ;)

a little rest

I was most blessed by listening to these lovely teen girls pray and worship in our living room by candlelight each night. Sharing their prayer requests and encouraging each other.


We love opening our home to others….whether it be a load of giggly girls, crazy boys, other families, couples, huge crowds, etc.  How often do you open your home to others? What are your favorite ways to extend hospitality?

Looking forward to the next time!


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  1. Helen Gillette says

    Hey! I recognize that amazing girl in the picture! It’s nice to see that other people see the jewel that she is, as well as her own mother! She’s beautiful inside and out and a reflection of JESUS! Thanks for opening up your house that weekend. I love your blog! Also, thanks for the plug for her blog. She works very hard on it.

    • Daune says

      Thank you, Helen! You are a blessing……love that amazing girl’s blog. It’s beautiful! =) Just like her…..

  2. says

    We once hosted the entire water polo team (when my daughter was in high school) for one night. I can’t imagine going 3 days. You are brave – or crazy!

    • Daune says

      Crazy brave. =) It’s fun…so glad to have the chance to do it. I’m sure you guys had a good time, too.

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