Finding the Lovely……{No. 8}

You guys have made me giggle. And giggle.

Your comments, e-mails, etc. telling me how much you like the new design and look of the blog.


Are. So. Cute.

The new design hasn’t been installed yet. It’s still being worked on…it will probably be a few weeks or so before anyone actually gets to see it. Including me! What you see right now is a generic template..and is a little wonky. But it’s only temporary.

Thank you for your sweet notes…..they warm my heart. =)  And make me giggle.

AND…..thank you to Fox News! Yesterday they featured my Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs on the news!  How cool is that!? That was a fun afternoon surprise. Made my day!

There’s been lots of loveliness this week……

Finding the Lovely

1.  Filling many holes as we prepare for the youngest teen daughter’s room redo! {I have never patched so many holes in my life! She has always been a little designer..and super creative. She has decorated and rearranged this room..hanging many things! Whew! This will be the first real complete redo that she’s done!} There were so many holes in these walls I’m shocked they were still standing…..

2.  Her new furrilicious couch for the new room she designed… arrived in the mail this week!

3. Waking up each morning to feeders filled with Goldfinches! Spring has arrived.

4.  Finding my great aunt’s lovely sequined top that she wore to the Academy Awards when she was nominated in the 70’s. It was also the top I had on the night that Handsome proposed.

5.  Buds on the lilac bushes!

6.  Green bagels for St. Patrick’s Day!

7. Bunnies filled with candy…

8.  An evening bike ride with my girls….

9.  Words…”Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.” He’s in the darkness, yaw!

10.  The car my Lovely Middle wants when she turns 16 in a few months.

11. Light shining through the clover.

12. A lovely afternoon read…one of my favorites…

13.  This card cracked. me. up! It says: “Do you ever wonder if you’re a big weirdo and nobody’s telling you?” and on the inside: “No reason.”  bwahahahahahahaaaaa…… I think I will buy it in bulk.

14.  A beautiful bed that my Lovely Little One made up and prepared to give to a family that has no furniture…and the little girl has never had her own bed. Isn’t it lovely? I hope this little girl feels absolutely lovely in it…..and feels enveloped with love each time she climbs in….and hears God whisper, “I’m here. And I know. And I haven’t forgotten you. The plans I have for you are bigger than you can even imagine…….”

15. Lovely morning light in the dining room…..

16.  No. 1 Son performing Mozart…..this guy is the coolest.

Lovely weekends for you all………


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  1. Jean says

    Okay, that was a wonderful tour through loveliness and just what I needed this morning.
    My very favorite, and it was hard to choose, was the bed set your daughter made for this other little girl. What a tender and kind and giving heart she has. You must be proud. But your prayer for this little touched me as well. Yes, Lord, let this little girl know she is chosen, not forsaken, that you know the plans you have for, for good and not for evil, for a future and a hope. Blessings all, Jean.

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