Favorite Place for European Grain Sacks……

We are gearing up for our next fun project with the wonderful treasures that we were blessed with at this wonderful place.

You can check out our first project, the Paris Grey Etagere, here.

Next up are these wonderful chairs…..

Antique Chairs

I was able to score some gorgeous German grain sack material at a wonderful price from a European dealer. So excited!  Handsome is going to make a wooden base/seat and then I will cover them with the grain sack. We will be painting them first…..still deciding on the color.  Here’s my grain sack material…can’t wait to get them covered….

European Grain Sack - Vintage Fabric

They will go in the dining room…..and I keep going back and forth between Paris Grey and Old White. So far, Old White is winning. =)

I also found these gorgeous, rare, lavender grain sacks from the same dealer. These are Handsome’s favorite…..can’t wait to use them, either.

Lavender European Grain Sack - Vintage Fabric

Another project that is in the works is the vintage chandelier that we took out of the farmhouse’s dining room. It is almost finished being rewired….I’m going to do something fun with it and put it in our office. Woohoo!

vintage chandelier

I thought I would share two of my favorite places to get European grain sacks. My #1 favorite is at fairs and markets, etc.  But here in Eastern NC….finding European grain sacks at these places is almost nil. So, I get most of mine directly from dealers…ordered and sent in the mail.

Here are my two favorite places:

Stacks of Sacks

Antique Linen Store

Do you like European grain sacks?  My favorite ones are German, French, and Austrian. If so, where is your favorite place to find them?



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  1. Cindi says

    Daune, thank you so much for making the memories of my childhood such a treasure! It has “blessed my heart” (heehee~from this ole’ southern girl) to see the beautiful things you have uncovered that most people don’t see as treasures. You have truly brought into fruition the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”! When I began reading the first post back in January, I immediately called my mom to find out if that was Grandma’s house. Sure enough, I had definitely recognized my first home! Maybe I could come for a visit the next time I’m in town to see all the treasures you’ve created? Such a blessing!!! Thanks again!

    • Daune says

      Cindi….you are a blessing! We were so honored to be able to go on a treasure hunt in your precious Grandma’s house! We actually have a huge storage room full of fun things waiting in line to be TLCed. =) And, you KNOW you can come any time you’d like to….we’d love to have you…and to show you the fun treasures. I bet you had a lot of good meals under that chandelier……..

  2. says

    How are you? Thanks for stopping by the blog. I couldn’t reply back because you were a no-reply. I appreciate your kind words! I love the grain sacks. Your new look on the blog is great too. Hope you are doing well!

    • Daune says

      Thanks, Deneen! We don’t have a new look yet…but it’s coming. It’s being designed right now and I can’t wait to get it up! =) Hope you are doing well…how was SNAP?

  3. says

    My chair redo is taunting me. I can’t get a vision. One day I think I want one thing, the next I’ve either forgot that one or don’t like it or got a new one. UGH. The grain sack will look great, so you get a move on now!


    • Daune says

      OH, I hear you! I keep bouncing back and forth as to the color to paint them….I usually know immediately, but not with the chairs!

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