It’s My Birthday…..



Today I am turning 46….

I plan to rock it!


Off celebrating~


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  1. I just turned 46 on Jan. 4th! Happy birthday to you as well! Hope it is a great one, and a wonderful year.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Wishing you a lovely day and a wonderful year ahead!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you true joy for the day and year!

  4. Happy Birthday! Don’t worry – 46 is great!

  5. Happy Birthday and thank you for all of your beautiful and inspiring posts!

  6. Jean Kellett says:

    Happy Birthday, Duane! May you be refreshed, renewed, inspired and blessings lavished upon you, just as you do for all of us. You “rock it” well, Sister!

  7. happy happy happy birthday daune!!!

  8. sandra647 says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

  9. And manyyyy morrrreeee.


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