How To Season Chalkboards

We love chalkboards around here….they are everywhere; and we use them in so many ways – inside and out. They are also the #1 seller in our etsy shop!

So, I thought I would make sure everyone knows how to ‘season’ a chalkboard.  Many people don’t realized that whenever you purchase or make a chalkboard that it is very important to season it before using it.  If you don’t then when you write on it the chalkboard will become ‘burned’ with the words, etc. that you put on it.

It’s also important the kind of chalkboard paint you use… favorite can be found HERE. It is the only kind I use.

It’s a very simple procedure………

1. Take a piece of chalk and rub it vertically across the entire board.

2. Then, do the same horizontally.

3. After the chalkboard has been covered with chalk gently erase it with a felt eraser, dry paper towel, or soft towel. If you like a newer-looking chalkboard you can use a damp paper towel.

It’s ready to use!

Chalkboard paint is very porous…..and if you don’t fill all those little pores with chalk, then the board will become burned with whatever you first put on the board and it will look as if you can’t erase it. {As if it is ‘stained’ with the original drawing/words.}

Make sure you do this to each chalkboard…whether you made it yourself or purchased it.


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  1. says

    This was a great tip. You know why? Because you told me the “why” I should do it. I never knew that, and now I understand the importance.


  2. must love junk says

    Amazing! I’ve got tons of chalkboards (love them!) and always wondered why I can’t completely erase the words…now I know why. Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic tip!! :)

  3. Rachel says

    Thank you so much for this info. I have a very lovely chalkboard that was a curbside find some time ago. Board had some spots that just wouldn’t take the chalk. Used this technique and now I can actually write on it.

    • says

      So glad, Rachel! It really does make a big difference, doesn’t it? Before I used to do this I always wondered what was wrong with my chalkboards! ha! =) Have a great day…..

  4. says

    I have a brand new chalkboard. I have seasoned it as you describe, but it just doesn’t take chalk well. Words appear very faint, and I have tried all colors of chalk. Should I paint it with a coat of chalkboard paint? Thanks!

    • says

      Kitty~ Sometimes I find I have dud chalk. Also…if your board is an actual vintage chalkboard, it may actually be slate…which is a bit hard to write on with chalk. AND, sometimes the chalk paint that was used to paint something didn’t have enough ‘grit’ to take hold of the chalk. If you try a different piece of chalk and it still doesn’t work….I think your idea of painting a coat of chalkboard paint should do the trick. =)

  5. Ann says

    I just bought a package of 24 colored chalk sticks at Target, and using the white one, I tried to season my new store-bought chalkboard. It did not work well at all. The chalkboard seems to have slick areas that don’t accept the clalk at all. Overall, the writing looks grainy, not smooth like the school chalkboards of my youth. I am wondering if I should buy chalk paint and paint it right over this surface. I don’t want to toss this board–bought it at Ross For Less for $20 and the big white frame on it is just wonderful.

    • says

      Hi, Ann….I have run into the same problem with store-bought chalkboards. Sometimes they have a ‘finish’ on them that causes some chalk to not work…and, they are impossible to season. ugh. I would just paint over it with chalkboard paint….a couple of coats..and then season it. I have also found that some chalk will not write well on some surfaces. =) I hope that helps! It helped me when I ran into the same issue.

    • says

      Hi, Sarah…my favorite is the brush on Rustoleum. I’ve never had a problem with any of them….but I will say that I think the Rustoleum goes on smoother. =) Blessings…..

  6. Kim says

    Each time you damp wipe it, it must be seasoned …at least this is what I have read. I am not fond of the overall grey colour that the seasoning leaves behind. To bad the black you get after damp wiping can’t be written on.

    • says

      Yes, you are correct, Kim….it usually does have to be seasoned after each time you clean it with a damp cloth. Sometimes after lots of use you no longer have to do that….but I like to do it, anyway! =) I love the vintage look that comes with the seasoning…but it would be nice to be able to use it dark black for those that don’t. Hope you are having a great evening. Hugs….

  7. Ali says

    Do you have any tips on what to do if you have a chalkboard that was not seasoned and now there is chalk burned onto it? I’ve tried wiping it off with a damp cloth and you can still tell what was written on it before. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi, Ali….usually when that is the case you will need to repaint it with chalkboard paint to start fresh. =) It’s not too hard to do. Once the chalk is burned in….it’s there permanently. Hope that helps! Blessings……

  8. Cynthia says

    Thank you for posting this helpful tidbit!! Unfortunately I found it a tad to late. I ju8st purchased my first chalkboard and hung it in the bathroom to display funny or inspirational quotes. Sadly the first thing I wrote on there is now there forever.

    I will definitely “season” my boards from now on.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • says

      Oh, no! I’ve done the same thing…many times…before I learned to season them. =) you know you can head it off next time. For the one you have now just paint a quick coat of chalkboard paint over it and start fresh! =)


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