Faux Cement {Concrete} Painted Countertops…..

We’ve ALMOST finished the master bathroom redo….searching for the perfect lamp and a few more finishing touches. Yay! We shared about some of the other parts of this redo here, here, here, here, and here.

cement countertop

I thought I would share what we did with the countertops. When we moved into Oak Cottage they were a horrible, dark shade of green formica.  We painted them to look like a  cream/golden marble. They have lasted for 17 years! But, as you can see below, there were some areas that had suffered a horrible fate. I have  a feeling it was about the time that our daughters became old enough to paint their own nails and hadn’t quite become proficient with polish remover. Polish remover=death for ANY kind of paint.

cement countertop

This summer we re-did the master bath and decided that we wanted concrete counters. Instead of pouring them…we opted to paint the current ones to look like cement/concrete.

cement countertop

cement countertop

What do you think? We love them! It took me less than 1/2 a day.

You can read about the tutorial of how to go about painting countertops here.

Do you have any counters in your home that you would like to change?


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  1. Haley Hill says

    I really like it! What kind of paint did you use and how did you seal around the sink to prevent water under the paint? We might do this soon!

    • says

      Haley~ I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint….I’ve also used acrylic, enamel….any will work. :) You can caulk with clear caulk around the sink; or what we do is just let the polyurethane automatically seal it when we paint.

  2. says

    17 years?!!!????!!!! My eyes just crossed… thinking about that. I’ve got to go and read your tute on this. I’m assuming you used the same method for both. I’ve been living in this house fro 16 1/2 years…with out having the budget for new counter tops… all this time I could have painted something. FAUX! (not an expletive.)
    Now… I’ve seen people paint counter tops and wondered how they held up over time.. But… 17 years is a pretty good track record if you ask me.

    thanks for posting this at SNS… that’s how I found you! :) Pat

    • says

      Pat~ It’s a wonderful way to quickly and inexpensively redo counters. ALL of our counters in our whole home have been painted. The secret is putting several coats of polycrylic or polyurethane on them. We clean them with windex…it’s great! :)

  3. Melissa says

    I “accidentally” came across your website while searching for a picture of a heart-shaped pickle for my son (long story). BEST Google search I ever made! I LOVE all of yor photos and tips! I live in a 1950’s dormered cape on Long Island. The kitchen STILL has the original formica countertops. Can you say “ugly”? I just painted the kitchen walls a soothing blue-grey. I love your idea of painting the countertops! I noticed the instructions for painting over the bathroom counter. What paint did you use for the kitchen countertops? I also like your apothecary jars. I have a small mustard jar in the kitchen where I have a collection of “good fortune” from fortune cookies.

    Thanks for your beautiful website.

    • says

      Melissa~ So glad to have you! It sounds like you have a wonderful home…..and countertops similar to ours! :) ha! I have painted all of our countertops and used acrylic paint, chalk paint, enamel. The kitchen counters are painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and then sealed with polycrylic satin sealer. Can’t wait to hear about your countertops! Happy New Year…..

  4. Kim says

    I love the look of the faux cement counters, did u add anything to them or is this just a grey paint. how do u get them to look more like real cement. Did u add any texturing or other paint colors.

    thanks looks great

    • Daune says

      Kim~ I used a lighter shade of grey to add a few streaks here and there…just like cement normally has in it. That is the only technique I used…it was super easy! =)

  5. Jamie says

    Wow this is exactly what I want to do to my bathroom counter! What color of Annie Sloan chalk paint did you use? How many coats? Did you sand it down between coats? Did you prime the countertops first? Also how many coats of poly? I know she recommends that you use soft wax. I have been thinking of using envirotex to seal it because I’ve heard it’s more durable- any thoughts? Thanks so much!!!

    • says

      Jamie~ For the base color I painted 2 coats….Paris Grey. You do not have to prime when you use ASCP. =) I never use wax for countertops because of the heat, etc. and humidity they are exposed to….wax is not good for outside or bathrooms. I always paint 2-3 coats of poly for a countertop. In our kitchen I painted 4 coats. For countertops I have not found anything more durable than polyurethane. Hope you have a super evening!

  6. Jeannette Belmont says

    Daune, I definitely need to do this concrete look in my house…SOON. Fabulous job! I see you did 2 coats of Paris Grey but what color did you use for the lighter grey streaks? Also, did you do a dry brush effect or did you just randomly brush on the lighter grey here and there?
    I had painted a brown granite look before with the sponges but need some change. Thanks much!

    • says

      I used a Valspar gray….I’ll try to find the can and get the name and info on it for you! =) I randomly brushed on the gray in a dry brush type of way. =) It was such an easy and quick project. Hope you’re having a great day, Jeanette!

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