Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs….

You guys are a treasure!

Thank you for the sweet comments and e-mails about

my daughter’s birthday post yesterday.

They blessed her, as well.

{If you’d like to read the posts about my son and

my middle daughter click on over. :)}


This week we had so much fun dying Easter Eggs.

We like to use natural dyes that are made from

fruits, vegetables, and spices from the kitchen.

Here are great recipes to use to do that if

you’d like to give it a try.

I love the colors that natural dyes produce.

 I hope that you and your family

have a wonderful Easter!



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  1. Married for 31 years and this is the first time I have waited so long to dye my eggs. Been too busy reading blogs I guess!


  2. Awesome, thanks for the recipes, we haven’t dyed eggs yet and I want to do them this way! My kids will love experimenting with the different things in the kitchen… Happy Easter! t.xoxo

    • Theresa~ This is our favorite way to dye eggs….it is so much fun. And I LOVE the colors…they are much prettier in person versus the pics. :) Have fun!

  3. Hi, I found you through Common Ground. I love your clay #’s. I dyed eggs naturally a few years ago with my threee daughters. We had alot of fun seeing what we came up with. Have a wonderful Easter. I am now a new follower.

  4. Your eggs look so beautiful!! Enjoy Easter with your family!

    Art by Karena

  5. Although we have colored eggs from our chickens next year I want to try some of the natural dye….yours look beautiful!

  6. What beautiful eggs!!! I absolutely sure I love these much more than any of ever seen from a “traditional” dye..Thanks so much for sharing, too late for me this year, but will be definitely using this method next year..Oh heck, who am I kidding?? I’ll probably do some of the blue one’s for an arrangement/display!!1 Thanks again, Daune! Have a wonderfully Blessed week!

  7. Jeanine Wester says:

    These are so beautiful. I am making some now with hollowed out eggs. My cheeks hurt from blowing out the yolks lol! It’ll be worth it thought so I can keep them for longer! Thanks for posting this on Hometalk.

    • Oh, I bet they are! I don’t like blowing eggs out at all…we usually just boil ours and don’t blow them out. But, then we can’t keep them. =)

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