What I’m in the Mood For….

Well, it’s NOT putting out pine straw!

And that’s what we’ll be doing this weekend.

Putting out fresh pine straw and cleaning up the yard.

After it’s all over….it will be worth it.

But on this side of the task….ugh!

I love the look of fresh pine straw in the garden…

I DO NOT like putting it out.

A little conflict there, I’d say.

What am I in the mood for?

I’m thinking I’d rather wake up on a Saturday morning to one of these:

Source: recipegirl.com via Daune on Pinterest

Source: ahensnest.com via Daune on Pinterest

Do you see a theme here?

Yep—Cinnamon Rolls…..homemade.

I’m craving some good ones…..

But, alas, I shall not be getting any.

I will be slaving with pine needles in my sweats and sneakers.

Could you please make one of these recipes for me this weekend…..

Maybe at least SOMEONE could have some yumminess.

Because, well, it won’t be me.

Itchy. Tedious. All day. Snakes.

No, no…don’t feel bad.  I’ll be ok. eventually.

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    • says

      Hahahahahha! I should have explained. We have a large English cottage garden. It has to be mulched lightly in the fall and then really well in the spring. Living in the southeast US…it is too humid and hot to use wood chips. We would have every termite in the region knocking on our door! ha! SO, we use pine straw as mulch for our gardens. When you mulch—around here we always say ‘putting out pine straw’. :) It just means mulching the garden with pine straw. *southern lingo :) It took us most of the weekend….but we are DONE! woohoo!

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