Wheelbarrow Gardens!

I have had fun with this super simple yard art!  These are very whimsical and can be moved around the yard throughout the year and filled with whatever is in season.  So fun!


you will need:

old or new wheelbarrow/s

spray paint in colors desired–make sure it says it is OK for outside

potted plants and trees from the nursery

pine straw or hay

how to do it:

1.  Tape up the rubber of the wheels with painters tape/frog tape

2. Spray paint to your hearts content everything else on the wheelbarrow—for a shortcut you don’t have to spray the inside since it will be completely covered up and unseen. For an opaque look like the ones above you will need to do 2-3 coats.  For a shabby look 1-2 coats would be fine.

3. Fill with small potted trees and plants

4.  Cover surface with pine straw or hay

By using potted trees and plants you can easily swap them out with the seasons.  I have one wheelbarrow in our garden that I did fill with potting soil and permanently plant with perennials, etc.  But if you use potted ones you have the fun option of moving them around the yard in different places and changing what is inside them with the seasons.  These get lots of comments—and create fun whimsy in your yard.

In a spray paint cloud~



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    • says

      Ha! Ha! You know, the thought went through my mind—“What if someone really likes these and just wheels it off!” ha!ha! I’ll have to come up with a creative booby-trap! :)

    • says

      Visiting from the Blog Party. Very cute, I love the colors. The style of the wheelbarrows are really cute also. They seem kindof shorter than what I’ve seen. I have one I painted yellow, but It was just the standard one from Lowes. Still looks awfully cute filled with pots of flowers. Yours are just more unique.

  1. says

    I have an old wheelbarrow that I’m gonna paint up this summer – thanks for the inspiration! Question – does it get enough drainage – did you add anything inside to not swamp out the plants?

    • says

      You could easily drill a few holes in the bottom and it would take that worry away. :) You could also line the bottom with pebbles—personally, I’d rather drill holes. We didn’t drill holes–because the plants stayed potted they would dry out so quickly–it was nice to have the wheelbarrows catch some water!

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