Simple Homekeeping ::: Cleaning A Whole Room

Simple Homekeeping Tips ::: How to Order Your Cleaning

I thought I would start a new little series here at the cottage called 'Simple Homekeeping '---and each week address a different area. Does that sound fun? I thought so. ;) I think home keeping is such an honor and important task…..not always fun, mind you, but important! We get to create the atmosphere that our family's story unfolds in, and grows. Perfection has nothing to do with it. Impressing others has nothing to do with it. But, how we take care of our home, and create order, can … [Continue reading...]

Summer Beverage Center

Summer Beverage Station

   We have a little spot in our kitchen that we've claimed as the Beverage Center. It changes throughout the year depending on what kind of fun drinks we want most handy. You can see our Autumn Beverage Station HERE and our Christmas/Winter Beverage Center HERE. For the summer….here's what we put together….. We make a lot of shave ice in the summer….and, of course, there's ice cream! So, we keep fun shave ice cups and cones with special scoop straws at the ready. There's fun, wooden ice … [Continue reading...]

Friday Favorites ::: Weekends


   We like to make every day special around here….and celebrate everyday life. But, there's just something extra special about weekends. {source} {source} {source} {source} {source} Whatever your weekend holds…..I hope it includes a comfy chair or swing, coffee, good fellowship, and something that makes your heart sing! Hugs~ … [Continue reading...]

Cafe Lights in the Garden……


   I love twinkle lights in the garden. We have them in several places and nooks in our yard. Since Handsome's workshop has been finished we've purchased some to begin stringing from the corners of the workshop to other areas in the garden. I can't wait! Love this ideas of attaching them to rope before hanging them……. {source} {source} Here are the ones we purchased to use coming from the new workshop…... {source} {source} {source} I just love cafe lights outside! We put … [Continue reading...]

How to Dry Hydrangeas ………

hydrangea drying

I shared this a couple of years ago…but since we are in the middle of the hydrangea drying season…I thought it would be a great reminder and good time to share it again…….. {please excuse the grainy pics…..} Hydrangeas are one of my very favorite we have planted many around our cottage.  When we first found Oak Cottage one of the first things we noticed was the beautiful blue hydrangeas on the side of the house.  No one was living here so we picked the hydrangeas and dried them. … [Continue reading...]

Haven 2014 Recap

Haven Conference Recap

   About a week ago I headed down to Atlanta for 4 fun days with lots of lovely, creative people! It was my third year going to Haven….and I had a great time. I thought I'd do a quick little recap of the fun….the pictures are not so great….I took all of them with my phone, and forgot to take many that I wished I had! My favorite part of Haven is connecting to the wonderful lovelies that I talk to all year…but only get to see in person once or twice a year at the most. So, it's a treat to spend … [Continue reading...]

DIY Custom Switch Plates

How to create your own custom switch plates

Every now and then I find a neat switch plate that I love and want to add in one of our rooms. But, for the most part…..I don't like them. It's amazing how changing switch plates can make such a big difference in a room. In most of our rooms we have created custom plates in this simple way……. Using any kind of paper…vintage or printed from the computer……we cover plain, 50 cent plastic plates from the home store. In the picture above I used vintage French book pages to cover our bathroom … [Continue reading...]

Friday Favorites ::: Italy


   I hope you have had a wonderful week! Last week I received some really exciting news! I found out that I will be going to Italy for 10 days in the fall! Woohoo! I can hardly wait. We will be going to Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Pompeii, and several other areas……so, I thought it would be fun to do a Friday Favorites … Italian style! =) {You can find all the pics on my Italy Pinterest Board…..} Have you ever been to Italy? I'd love your tips, if you … [Continue reading...]

Catch-Up Day…..


   Boy! My head is spinning this week! I was gone for 4 days, came back to two days of fun birthday celebrations, and then went out of town for the day again yesterday! Whew! I'm so sorry it's taking me so long to catch up on comments…..that's what I'm getting done today! I've got it below 100. Woohoo! So, I don't have a fun post today….how about some fun pics? I've always loved vintage school wall charts! Yesterday I stopped in at World Market while I was out of town and saw that they had … [Continue reading...]

How to Age Terra Cotta Pots


   I love the look of aged pots. Most terra cotta pots will naturally age if you have them outside and fertilize your potted plants….but it can take many months to get that great growth of algae and white chalky finish that I love. {source} Here's how to age terra cotta pots naturally…..a few of my favorite ways……and help the process move along a bit faster! {None of these will harm plants that are planted in the planters.} My go-to way to get this process started is to use yogurt or … [Continue reading...]

And, Again Today……..


Aaannnnnnd, we’re celebrating this guy today!

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