Simply Tuesday
Back to School Emergency Boxes

Summer Porch {2015}

Porch Swing on Cottage Front Porch

Now that summer is pretty much over……I thought I'd share my summer porch! ha! I don't think I shared it here on the blog this year…….better late than never, right? ;) The Therapy Room, what we call the porch swing part of our porch, has been used A LOT over the summer. It's our favorite spot for morning coffee, visits, quiet time……..I can't imagine living without a big front Continue Reading

Wrapping Up Summer…….


It's a bittersweet time.  Summer has gone by in a flash! {I mean flashier than usual!}  In some ways I feel like I haven't had a summer this year. But. Fall. Fall is, I think, my favorite time of the year.  I love ALL the seasons---but there is something special about fall.  The smells, the crisp air, the colors----love it! So, I'm starting to get into the fall frame of Continue Reading



The moonflowers are starting to bloom! {source} I love moonflowers. They bloom at dusk...in the dark.... and perfume the whole yard. Big, white, and yummy! They are usually the size of my hand. Their aroma is best in the darkest hours of the night. {They are at their best in the darkest hour. Did you catch that?} If you have never added one of these annuals to your Continue Reading

Simply Tuesday …….

Simply Tuesday

   Tuesday….it's the most ordinary day of the week. And, it's where the good stuff happens. We seem to be moving through each week at breakneck speed……and the other days are designated as workhorses, humpdays, wrap-it-all-up-end-of-the-week days. And then there's Tuesday. Just regular old Tuesday. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Emily Freeman's new book Simply Tuesday . It Continue Reading

Emergency Boxes for Back to School!

Back to School Emergency Boxes

   Last year I shared how we made Emergency Boxes for each of our children for Back to School….but I was kinda tardy. As in….I shared it waaayyyy after school had started! ugh. I thought I would share it again this year BEFORE school started. {I'm quick like that.} These would be so fun for other occasions, too.  Bon Voyage, Back to College, Welcome, First Apartment/Home, Continue Reading

Porch Curtains & a Tip!

Porch Curtains

   I know I’ve shared before that we live on our porch…it’s our favorite room. For a long time we wanted to add curtains on each end because early in the morning and late in the evening the sun shines right in your face if you’re out there. We wanted to be sure to have the material be very translucent because we didn’t want to cut down on the light…..just the sun in our Continue Reading

Ball® Brand Jar WINNER!!!

Purple Ball Jars as glasses

   Lisa Cooper…..you are the winner of the Ball® brand jar giveaway!!! Be sure to contact me ASAP with your mailing address so Ball® can mail your goodies! =) Happy Weekend~ Continue Reading

Boot Socks & Worn Faith …..

Worn Faith and Favorite Boot Socks

  I know for some people hearing the word 'fall' is a bad word right now…..but, I have to admit that when my email from Williams-Sonoma came yesterday and was filled with pumpkin and fall stuff…..my heart jumped! It got me thinking about how much I love my boot socks.....especially the ones I find at my favorite clothing store. When I saw this picture I got warm fuzzies in my Continue Reading

Can It Forward Day & A Giveaway!


   Today is National Can It Forward Day! Beginning at 11am EST you can watch the live stream from the Jarden Home Brands headquarters…..lots of great classes and how-tos all day! Be sure to comment below to be entered to win a special prize package from Ball® brand jars! I love the new limited edition purple jars. We love Ball® jars….and use them as glasses, for our homemade Continue Reading

Purple Ball Brand Jars!

Purple Ball Jars - Limited Edition

   Have you all seen the new purple Ball® brand jars? I love them! And they've come out just in time for National Can It Forward Day tomorrow! Head back over here tomorrow to be able to participate in the live stream of Can It Forward with live twitter chat and classes…. AND…..a chance to enter here on the blog to win your own fun Ball® brand jar goodies! See you Continue Reading

The Fragrance of Your Home …….


We've been working on lots around here….and I hope to share those projects later. I've dubbed this summer 'Fruitful Summer' …. in other words, I've wanted to spend my time investing in relationships and community more than projects. We've been doing a lot of clean out and clean up to make way for some fun ideas and projects that we've been wanting to get started, but needed to Continue Reading

What A Little Hydrangea Taught Me ……..


I don't know about you...but I sometimes focus on the things that aren't really important. I can get caught up in circumstances and how things seem....and trying to do things through my own strength. On my own. Focusing on my abilities and weaknesses...and letting them determine the success or failures of my days or weeks. I lose perspective. I get off track. And I wear Continue Reading