Friday Favorites ::: Pumpkin


   I didn't used to like pumpkin. There are still a lot of pumpkin stuff that I don't really enjoy. I can't do pumpkin soup. *little dry heave* But over the past several years I have come to love pumpkin spicy stuff! I think it was No. 1 Son that got me going. I actually used to be afraid of pumpkins. I'm more of a reformed pumpkin lover. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites for your weekend. An autumn weekend is perfect for a pumpkin treat! Pumpkin Dessert Bars….one … [Continue reading...]

Autumn Home Tour

Autumn Cottage Home Tour _ Cottage in the Oaks

 Since I think our homes should be a reflection of those that live there......I like to change things up with the changing of seasons. Not big changes...just small ones that reflect moving into a new season. Don't we gain new perspective, shed or take on heavy clothes, hunker down or open up...depending on the season? I've shared in the past that one of my favorite things about autumn is that usually when we bring autumn into our homes it is with natural, simple elements....quite often foraged … [Continue reading...]

Back to School Emergency Boxes

Back to School Emergency Boxes for each child

Well. Better late than never. I meant to post this a few weeks ago….you know, when everyone was getting ready for back to school! But, since it didn't happen……I still wanted to share it. These would be so fun for other occasions, too.  Bon Voyage, Back to College, Welcome, First Apartment/Home, Vacation, etc. So, they're very adaptable! {Does that cover for my tardiness? =)} This year we gave each one of our children a special Back to School Emergency Box at our annual dinner to kick off the … [Continue reading...]

Friday Favorites ::: Autumn Arriving


   I'm so ready for autumn. I'm ready for crisp air and cozy clothes and pumpkin spice everything! How about you? {Find the links to all these pics on my Autumn Pinterest Board!} As we rest and repair here this weekend…..I hope you have a lovely one. Full of autumn. =) Happy Weekend~ … [Continue reading...]

25 Things ::: Life is Just So Daily

25 Things ::: Life is Just So Daily

1. I could just stop with the quite above. It sums it up. LIFE…it's so very DAILY! 2. A few days ago No. 1 Son was on his evening bike ride and was hit by a car on a busy boulevard. 3. The car was unable to be driven away it was so badly damaged. 4. No. 1 Son was badly damaged, too…….but he WILL be walking away! 5. Surgeons and trauma doctors have been amazed at how he survived the hit that he took and is still here to tell about it….and, he's not a vegetable. 6. They didn't know why…..but … [Continue reading...]

Roast Chicken with Gourmet Salts

Spice Lab Salts from Around the World

   I love spices …. especially experimenting with unusual ones. I was recently introduced to Uncommon Goods. Have any of you heard of them? They are based in Brooklyn, NY and features products from designers all over the world. They even have a Design Challenge where you can get your work out there for others to see and participate in Art Challenges. They also offer studio tours of many of their artists and designers…it's always great to see the face behind something you purchase. My … [Continue reading...]

Friday Favorites ::: Bwahahahaha!


   Sending you some fun and bwahahahahahahas for the weekend…... This is so true…... I plan on doing this next time I'm there…….. These guys win for most creative yearbook pic…….. Love this trellis….. =) Lawn scrabble, anyone? The crazy things we humans do to get a good picture………. Aaaannnddddd….which kind of photographer are you? The TRUE endings…….. I KNEW she could do it! =) I fell for Handsome over something similar…….. Happy weekend to you! You can find all … [Continue reading...]

Easy DIY Wood Plank Walls

Easy DIY Wood Planked Walls

Well….my goal was to have the laundry room finished by the end of August. It didn't happen. BUT, we do have the plank walls completed and painted! For many years now our laundry room has been more of a multi-purpose room…..with Handsome's tools, catch-all items, etc. Now that the workshop is done and all the tools are moved out…we have an actual laundry room! We wanted to lighten it up in there because it was so small. Years ago when I painted the walls a salmon color? I don't know what I … [Continue reading...]

Happy Labor Day + A WINNER!!!

labor day

If you haven't already….be sure to head over to Friday's post HERE and enter the awesome giveaway worth over $1200!! I hope your day is full of this…... Aaaannnnnd the winner of the Ball Jar Giveaway is: LIZ!!!!! Congratulations! Liz…be sure to e-mail me with all of your contact info so Ball can send you the great haul! =) Happy Labor Day~   … [Continue reading...]

Signature Style Series GIVEAWAY!!!

Signature Style Giveaway!

Y'all! Are you ready for something fun??? I hope you enjoyed visiting all 22 bloggers this week for the Signature Style Series. It was so fun to see everyone's unique and special choices of what expressed their  style. BUT….we have more fun! If you'd like to see a roundup of all 22 bloggers in one place…head on over to Carrie's at Making Lemonade HERE. This awesome giveaway hosted by 18 bloggers worth over $1200! AND, there will be 5 winners! Woohoo! Some of my favorites from the the … [Continue reading...]

My Signature Style ::: Vintage European Cottage

Cottage in the Oaks Signature Style ::: Vintage European Cottage

Today I’m joining some of my favorite bloggers in a Signature Style Series Blog Hop. Carrie, at Making Lemonade organized this awesome group of lovelies…..and I’m happy to be a part! If you’ve headed over here from At the Picket Fence…..welcome to the cottage! I’m so glad you’re here! I just love Heather and Vanessa’s style…their homes reflect their hearts and families… favorite kind of style. ;)

I don’t even know if there is a word for my style. I almost named it “What Makes My Heart Sing”…..but, that’s not too stylish. I thought of lots of words that would work: eclectic, vintage, European, farmhouse, cottage, etc. But, out of my list when I looked around our home the words that stood out the most was Vintage, European, and Cottage. So, there you go! A style name was born!

[Continue reading...]