4th of july parade
Poppy Sauce
Cottage Dining Room switch
Summer Cottage House Tour


summer flag on porch

I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th weekend……remembering that freedom comes at a price, and it's easy to take advantage. It does not mean that we get whatever we want. And TRUE freedom comes only from God. May freedom ring in your heart~ Continue Reading

Fun DIY Ideas for July 4th

4th of july parade

I always feel like July 4th marks the midway point in summer…..even though it doesn't. It seems that after July 4th the summer flies! Here are some fun DIY ideas for this coming weekend that we've had fun doing in the past. Hosting a 4th of July Party July 4th Crazy Hate and Fan DIY What the Flag Reminds Me ::: Today and Everyday What fun do you have planned for Continue Reading

Favorite BBQ Sauce Recipe

Poppy Sauce

   I know I've shared this in the past…..but over the last few months we have lots of new people around here, so I wanted to share again. We put this on everything in the summer……... My Dad {a.k.a. "Poppy"} makes the best BBQ sauce ever!  When I was little I would try to drink it!  Yeah.  I'm smart like that. It was so hot here last summer that we did not have as many Continue Reading

Cottage Dining Room ::: Big Cottage Switch

Cottage Dining Room switch

I think I must be in full summer mode. Totally lost track of the days this week….and forgot to post this on Wednesday! ha! We are loving the Big Cottage Switch …… here's a peak at the 'new' dining room. This space was our living room before the switch…. We decided at the end of last year that in order to be able to do several of the things that we've been trying to work Continue Reading

Summer Cottage Tour

Summer Cottage House Tour

A few areas of our cottage are very different since we have done The Big Cottage Switch over the past few months. I thought it would be fun to share our Summer Cottage Tour that was BEFORE the big switch….and later this week share the new version. So, here is the before version……….  You can click on the titles of each room to go to the specific post about that room; and it Continue Reading

Friday Favorites ::: Summer DIY Projects


Some fun DIY's that I've found lately….perfect for summer! Love this idea for an outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe set…... This super easy DIY for creating your own fire pit…..Handsome and I plan on doing this in our side yard…... We love to have outdoor movie nights….have you ever done that? It's so fun…I highly suggest it, and HERE is a great way to make your own outdoor movie Continue Reading

Favorite Frozen Summer Treats ::: Grapecicles

Favorite Summer Treat

   Summer food is so fun and easy. This is a fun summer staple around here…..our family has enjoyed them for many years. We call them Grapecicles. =) And, they're one of our favorite summer treats …….. bonus is they're completely healthy! We try to keep a bunch in the freezer at all times in the summer….and, they're great for swim meets. You only need grapes and wooden Continue Reading

The Accidental Summer Centerpiece

Summer Centerpiece Ideas

I love a good accidents. While trying to get the new art cabinet filled and organized and getting a handle on the Big Cottage Switch…..I've had piles of all kinds of things on the floor waiting to be put away or given a new place to live. I needed to get the wicker demijohns off of the floor so I piled them together in the middle of the table….while working on the other piles. Continue Reading

Quick Summer Recipe for the Grill !

Smokey Steak Sandwiches, one of our favorites!

One of my favorite things to grill in the summer is Smoky Steak Sandwiches with Peppers! I wanted to share the goodness with you since we have fully launched into grill season. I love Williams Sonoma's spices and seasonings!  Wow!  When I found Hickory Smoked Sea Salt at Williams Sonoma a few years ago......yikes!  I open the jar just to smell it and I get warm fuzzies. Continue Reading

Infused Wool Dryer Balls

Infused Wool Dryer Balls

   I have never been a fan of dryer sheets. I've tried them a time or two int he past, but never contented using them. And, that was before I learned how toxic they are! Whoa. There are 7 toxic chemicals used on dryer sheets that have actually been linked to all kinds of nervous system failures, asthma….some of them are listed in the EPA's hazardous WASTE list. Yikes! I love Continue Reading

Longer Than I Thought……

Cleaning out and organizing

Y'all. It's taking longer than I thought to get the new art cabinet that Handsome built organized and to complete The Big Cottage Switch! We made it through May with awards ceremonies, end-of-year everythings, parties, exams, deadlines……….. For the most part the switch is complete….but the details are taking longer than I thought. I dedicated all day Wednesday for just Continue Reading

Italy Recap {Lucca} – Part 3


   I have been missing Italy very much over the past few weeks. I know I have been slow to get all my pics and recaps up on the blog….. Lucca is a city and commune in Tuscany. It was founded by the Etruscans and is famous for its intact Renaissance Era walls. It is the birthplace of Puccini and Boccherini……. The buildings coil around and around……... The local grocery Continue Reading