Shipping Crate Kitchen Island

kitchen island

Happy Monday! While I'm trying to get these laundry room pics edited and ready to post on here….I thought I'd share a fun project that we did about 3 years ago. We are still loving our 'shipping crate kitchen island'… can check out our whole kitchen HERE. For sources of where you can find items….. You can find the vintage French cup/glass drying rack HERE. You can find several choices of the drying racks HERE. Other sources of what we used for this project are highlighted within the … [Continue reading...]

Perfect Weekend Breakfast Casserole

Recipes - Favorite Breakfast Casserole

We love to have a fun weekend breakfast on Saturday mornings. Cinnamon rolls are definitely a favorite…..but we also love this recipe. This is one of our favorite breakfast easy, and definitely a crowd pleaser. You make it the night before, let it stay in the fridge overnight, and then pop it into the oven in the morning. Here's what you need: 6 slices of bread 1 lb. of cooked sausage 1/2 an onion, diced 1 1/2 cups + sharp cheddar cheese +++ 5 eggs 2 cups Half & … [Continue reading...]

The Redemption Power of Paint ……


I will paint just about anything. Actually…no. I will paint anything. There's no 'just about' about it! Paint is so very powerful….you can completely transform your home, an object, your outlook……anything, really! I absolutely LOVE Myquillyn's laundry room transformation. Head on over to Nesting Place to check it out… will love it! You can also check out the specific post about painting the floor…..something that I LOVE to do. HERE'S the post with the floor details. Have you tapped … [Continue reading...]

My New Favorite Cookbook

Dashing Dish Cookbook

I wanted to share my new favorite cookbook with you guys. I was so excited to be introduced to it….. Dashing Dish: 100 Simple and Delicious Recipes for Clean Eating by Katie Farrell, {Thomas Nelson Publishers}    It is just fabulous! I've enjoyed reading through it……….but the recipes……..Wow. They are just the foods our family craves, but a healthy version that falls into our clean eating goals. There are 100 healthy recipes in this gem. Katie also has clean eating tips, pantry lists {how to … [Continue reading...]

Roasted Broccoli Recipe ::: Our Favorite

Roasted Broccoli

   This is one of our favorite, quick side dishes… fact, one of my daughters always asks me to put EXTRA broccoli on her plate when I cook it! Whoa. That's a win! ROASTED BROCCOLI Broccoli {preferably organic} 2 cloves of minced garlic or garlic powder Salt Pepper Olive oil Lemon juice Parmesan Reggiano cheese Spread broccoli out on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle chopped, fresh garlic or good garlic powder generously over broccoli. Sprinkle with salt and … [Continue reading...]

Snowflakes ::: Up Close & Personal


   I'll never forget the time that Handsome and I were in Vermont at the end of December and when it began to snow the first thing we noticed was that when they landed on our dark-colored coats we could actually SEE the intricate detail of each flake. We had never experienced that before. Here in Eastern NC when we get a rare snow it is usually more like little ice balls. ha! I love these pictures from a Russian photographer ….. you can head over HERE to see his other snowflake … [Continue reading...]

Cold Weather Calls for Soup Recipes ::: My Favorite……


   There's just something about cold, winter weather that makes me want a yummy smelling pot of something going on the stove at all times. It's comforting. We're supposed to get some snow over the next couple of days…I hope we do! So, here's what will be going on my stove…. one of my favorite soup recipes ….. Chicken Tortilla Soup It's in one of my favorite cookbooks. Here are some of my other favorite cookbooks….ones that I use all the time: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My … [Continue reading...]

I Heart These ……


   I love hearts. I've signed my name with one since 2nd grade. They've always been my favorite shape. I love these fun DIY's for making paper hearts….perfect for a fun surprise this weekend for someone. ;) You can get this gorgeous heart template HERE. And the DIY for making these cute hearts HERE. And you can find the quick and easy DIY for this cute heart wreath HERE. Want a fun, new read? This is perfect… will love it! You can find it HERE. Check out the fun trailer for … [Continue reading...]

Creative Laundry Storage Ideas

Creative Laundry Storage Ideas

   We are loving our new laundry room. It's so efficient and has more room now that it serves its main purpose. whoop! whoop! I shared last week how we organized and store our detergents. You can find that info HERE, if you missed it. This was such an easy project….and keeps the room, since it's super small, from looking cluttered or junky. Over the washer and dryer Handsome mounted two long shelves {6'} made of 2x12 lumber that I had stained. We used some simple brackets to mount … [Continue reading...]

The Walk ::: An Allegory

The Walk

I shared this a few years ago…and a reader just brought it back to my attention. I thought it would be a great reminder of how to start our week……. Handsome is a great writer.......and he wrote this special 'allegory' several years ago. I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed the others that it has been shared with. A great reminder of staying close to our Father...and how patient He is with us. Something to ponder for you week......... {source}  The Walk copyright 2004, Keith … [Continue reading...]

Laundry Room Decor ::: Dispenser Ideas

Laundry room vignette

We are finishing up our laundry room redo….and now that it is solely a laundry room, and not also random storage for whatever didn’t have a place…..I wanted it to not only look pretty and be an enjoyable room to be in; but to be very efficient and easy to use.

It’s a hard room to take pictures in because it is the only room in our home that has no windows! ugh.

Hopefully next week I can show the whole room finished.

I wanted an easy way to have all our powders and detergents at our fingertips, but I didn’t want all these plastic, ugly-colored containers just stacked on a table. So, when cleaning out a closet I saw a few drink dispensers…and thought “Aha!”

The drink dispensers now hold our liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener.

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Something It’s Not……


We are in the midst of some big changes in our home….and I’m excited about it.

We’re going to be switching two of the rooms to be able to make more use out of the spaces and be able to have an art studio…something we’ve been trying to figure out for a while. It came to me on one of those nights I had had too much tea. ;)

Have you ever used a space in your home for ‘something that it’s not’? Not what it was meant to be?

I think that is so much fun….and I love doing it!

Here are some fun spaces that are both dining rooms and art studios….

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Keeping an Art Journal …….

Art Journaling Button

Journaling is such an enjoyment to me. I’ve done it since I was quite young. We keep up with a few different journals around here…..

there’s mine and Handsome’s Couple Journal. It is in this book that whomever has it writes a letter or note to the other and leaves it in a place that it will be found. Then it is the other person’s turn to respond and write an entry back…and leave it to be found. We’ve poured our hearts out in this journal, argued in this journal, left love notes in this journal, shared aches and pains in this journal……it is worn and has coffee stains on the cover. It’s very special to me.

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Stashed Gifts ……

Where does your mind wander

 For years every Wednesday evening I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with a great group of middle school girls. One fall we spent a lot of time talking about our hearts….and how they were like closets. You can stuff a whole lot of stuff in there. Good stuff….new, cool shoes. Fun dresses. […]

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DIY Carpet and Mattress Refresher

Simple Homekeeping  DIY Carpet and Mattress Refresh

I love to use carpet fresh or refresher when I vacuum our rooms with carpets. But, I realized, that it’s very bad for you….the ones in the stores have many chemicals and other toxins that I’d really rather not have in my home.

So, I like to make my own. It works even better than the store bought options…..and ends up being more economical, too. {It also SMELLS divine! Much better than the fake smells that carpet powder usually comes in!}

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